Explore future trends in
our Signature Series

Each year at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ conference, we reveal the latest and some never-before-seen research as part of our Signature Series. Sessions cover some of the most anticipated insights and findings to get you ready for the year ahead.

Signature Series: Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions
for 2023 and Beyond — Seizing Uncertainty

The future is always uncertain. But the idea that “uncertainty brings opportunity” is almost a universal constant. And now is the time to seize opportunities. This presentation covers 10 predictions of the future that represent opportunity — or threat. CIOs, tech providers and business leaders will need to decide which while acting swiftly.

Signature Series: Top Strategic Technology Trends
for 2023

Strategic technology trends have significant disruptive potential and set the stage for innovation over the next five years. Enterprises must examine the business impact of these trends and adjust business operations appropriately or risk losing competitive advantage to those who do. These are trends that IT cannot afford to ignore as they deal with the uncertainty driven by global change.

Signature Series: CIO and Technology Executive Agenda for 2023

During these uncertain and challenging times, leading CIOs radically reframe their organization’s value proposition and how their technology departments create value. They reposition the organization as a force multiplier. This year’s CIO and Technology Executive Agenda explores the leadership actions necessary to close I&T execution gaps by leveraging a decentralized and distributed delivery approach.

Signature Series: CEO Concerns 2022-2023 — Implications and Actions for CIOs

Now in its second decade, the global Gartner CEO Survey uncovers business leader priority changes that will redirect the use of technology in the business. Momentous events are reshaping the business world; this session explains some of the “domino” consequences for CIOs.

Signature Series: Flourishing in the Rejuvenated Work and Talent Landscape

The way we work and treat tech talent has gone back to its roots — human-centricity. Progressive CIOs must continuously renew ways of working and reinvigorate approaches to talent to match the pace of market change. This session covers the latest trends and emerging leading practices.