Guiding CIOs and IT executives to accelerate digital business

11 – 13 September 2023 | Gold Coast, Australia

Meet the Moment. Make the Difference.

The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ conference addressed the most significant challenges faced by CIOs and IT executives. Attendees joined Gartner experts and peers to explore new solutions and unearthed new insights to meet the moment, make the difference. As they prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the year ahead, attendees walked away with guidance to drive future technology innovations, successful business strategies, and critical execution.

At the conference, the top 5 sessions that CIOs and IT executives attended were:

  1. The Top Predictions for Cybersecurity 2022-2023
  2. Igniting The Next Generation of Digital Government
  3. Cybersecurity Strategy Planning Best Practices
  4. Building a Digital Future: The Metaverse
  5. Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2022

We hope you enjoyed the 2022 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ conference! If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

The program for the 2023 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ conference is underway and we look forward to sharing details soon!

Future Directions

Understand what’s next in a changing world. Explore the emerging technologies and trends that will impact your future planning.

Strategies for Success

Learn how to create best-in-class strategies for success to achieve your mission-critical priorities.

Critical Execution

Shift from strategy to execution. Explore best practices for implementing technologies, approaches and solutions that drive outcomes. 

Resilience and adaptability are crucial for business success. Our goal for IT Symposium/Xpo is to provide CIOs and IT executives with the insight and guidance they need to move forward with confidence. Building innovation, adaptability and resilience in their own digital business will not only future-proof their technology investments but will also use technology to help future-proof the business.

Kristian Steenstrup

Conference Chair and Distinguished VP Analyst, Gartner

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    Join a global community of CIOs and IT executives

    The digital era has brought unprecedented change to technology, business and society. Beyond managing IT, CIOs are called to lead and inspire their teams and business stakeholders through deeply transformative business models, practices and cultures. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo addressed the strategic needs of enterprise CIOs and their leadership teams. 

    Connect with CIOs across regions and industries, and gain new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of business transformation. Learn how to:
    • Balance the need to innovate while “keeping the lights on”
    • Build on being an effective partner with business executives as a “trusted advisor”
    • Overcome the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale your digital initiatives
    • Drive cost optimization to fund digital transformation initiatives
    Security, risk and compliance leaders can expect to walk away with insights to:
    • Transform security programs to deal with the challenges of digital business
    • Secure funding for security investments
    • Communicate effectively to the board
    • Build security and risk awareness across the organization
    • Juggle scarce human and financial resources
    • Adapt to bimodal IT
    Explore with chief data officers, chief analytics officers and senior data and analytics leaders how to:
    • Align your work to your CIO’s priorities
    • Enhance customer experience with data and analytics
    • Establish the right organization and tempo for the data and analytics business unit
    • Prioritize investments in information
    • Establish a data-driven culture
    Senior application leaders learn insights and best practices to:
    • Accelerate legacy modernization
    • Build agile architectures to support DevOps, service-oriented architecture, APIs, cloud-optimized patterns, in-memory computing and context awareness
    • Employ bimodal strategies to renovate and modernize core IT systems
    • Understand new agile, iterative, dynamic, ecosystem-based building blocks
    VPs of IT infrastructure and operations explore the tools and tactics to:
    • Move infrastructure and operations (I&O) strategy forward
    • Show value to the business
    • Effectively implement cost optimization
    • Assess old versus new technologies
    • Drive I&O leadership and culture change
    • Foster innovation and improve agility
    • Meet business objectives

    2022 Topics at a Glance

    The 2022 agenda delivered the latest technology, strategy and leadership insights across 14 key topic areas, covering the challenges most critical to CIOs and their leadership teams.


    Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Reframe cybersecurity as a business issue and manage risks in response to the disruption created by rapid changes in the digital world and a volatile geopolitical landscape. Rethink technology to enable composable trust and resilience.


    Strategic Planning and Execution

    Learn how to create and execute dynamic strategies that build resilience and position your organization to thrive.


    Executive Leadership

    Discover how to be a transformational leader, influence stakeholders and embrace the evolution of the CIO role. Acquire the competencies to anticipate, prepare and manage the onslaught of disruptions. Strive for high performance of a generationally and geographically diverse team.


    Talent, Culture and DEI

    Learn how to recruit and retain diverse talent and reskill and upskill your existing workforce. Create a culture that encourages continuous exploration and the quest for game-changing business capabilities. Foster equity and inclusion as a fundamental lever for motivation and engagement.


    Digital Business Acceleration

    Build, scale, refine and accelerate your digital business strategy. Shift to the next level of creating new products and business models that can change the dynamics of your industry.


    Customer and Citizen Experience

    Discover how to create superior digital experiences that serve as a sustainable differentiator for customers and citizens. Explore ways to achieve total experience outcomes through linking with employee experience strategies.


    Data, Analytics and AI

    Leverage technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and data and analytics to drive innovation, growth and efficiencies at scale and respond to uncertainty. Move to a data-centric culture of self-service and business analytics.


    IT Investment and Value

    Discover new funding models and cost and financial management frameworks that will help your organization prioritize investments that deliver the highest business value.


    Cloud, Infrastructure and Operations

    Optimize cloud business models, leverage edge computing and multicloud to evolve infrastructure and operations. Respond to new geopolitical pressures, such as data sovereignty and security, while managing costs through FinOps.


    Architecture, Platforms and Software Engineering

    Explore how to build and run applications and platforms that drive digital business strategy. Learn how to modernize legacy systems and accelerate software engineering practices with composable technologies, agile, DevOps and more.


    Future of Work

    Explore digital workplace strategies, frameworks, blended human and AI workforces, and human-centric organizational designs to succeed in this new landscape of work.


    Innovation and Disruption

    Drive innovation and harness disruption, leveraging emerging technologies and scenario planning to achieve your digital ambitions.


    Operating Models

    Explore how to align operating models with enterprise and information and technology strategies, as well as adopting new operating models that are a better fit for the current environment.


    Sustainable Business and ESG

    Improve quality, scale and prioritize sustainable technology investments and environmental, social and governance (ESG) data that will help your enterprise pursue new growth opportunities, optimize costs and mitigate risks.

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