Leadership and culture are critical to your organization’s success. Effective digital enterprises understand that a skilled, engaged and innovative workforce is their greatest asset. CIOs can leverage this resource by ensuring their leadership acknowledges that the No. 1 priority is people, both individuals and teams, and that they must develop, execute and communicate a plan that puts people at the center. This includes ensuring that the IT organization has the right combination of skills, competencies and experience. CIOs can build a high-performance workforce by taking a comprehensive view and approach to their people practices.

Successful CIOs go beyond supporting organizational change management practices to exercise organizational change leadership. Developing a change-ready culture involves not only shifting the mindset of the IT organization, but the enterprise as a whole. It requires a commitment to embrace change fitness and adopt enterprisewide competencies for change. Adaptive organizations that have developed change fitness are ready for anything and prepared to respond to  business and competitive demands that are becoming part of normal business operations. 

Find answers to your important questions about leadership, culture and people

  • Which leadership skills will CIOs need to influence and guide their enterprise to deliver value in a rapidly changing digital business environment?
  • How will CIOs shape the culture of the IT organization to scale business transformation and innovation?
  • How will CIOs anticipate changing IT skills and ensure they have the right people on board?
  • How will CIOs promote organizational change fitness and change leadership?

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