CIOs and IT leaders in manufacturing are in a predicament. Most of them have to support their CEOs in making their organization resilient and ready for innovation and digital business. IT teams are dealing with a lack of IT infrastructure resources while turning to cloud and edge computing to manage data floods, derive insights into processes at the location of use and most purposeful decision making. Their leadership is in danger if they are not able to overcome the lack of resources to execute their plan. This program addresses a number of important business and IT topics, such as lean IT, autonomous things, AI and culture hacking, to help IT executives in manufacturing to drive change.

Sample Sessions

  • Cloud in Manufacturing, The Reality and The Vaporware
  • Algorithms and Things Will Transform Manufacturing Business Models
  • Ask the Expert: The importance of Industrie 4.0 Governance on Manufacturing Transformation
Gartner Expert

Marc Halpern

VP Analyst, Gartner    

Marc Halpern, P.E., Ph.D., focuses on design, engineering and product life cycle management strategies and software applications in the manufacturing verticals unit. His coverage spans software applications and best practices for discrete manufacturing. Discrete manufacturing industries served include aerospace, automotive, industrial, durable consumer goods, medical devices and industrial equipment.

Industry Day at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo

Industry day provides an exceptional platform for CIOs and IT executives to gain multifaceted insight into the opportunities and challenges of powering digital transformation in four key verticals, as well as to exchange ideas and experiences with others from similar organizations. Attendees are exposed to the latest thinking around business model innovation, explore future industry scenarios, and hone and validate their strategies for the successful adoption of critical technologies.

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