Explore future trends in our Signature Series

Each year at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo, we reveal the latest and some never-before-seen research as part of our Signature Series. These sessions cover some of the most anticipated insights and findings to get you ready for the year ahead.

Roadmap to Renewal: The Gartner 2022 Board of Directors Survey

Boards are taking a more active role in driving companies out of the pandemic and having a strong “renew” phase for their companies. For CIOs and executive leaders to understand their board’s priorities and to align their activities to support the board’s initiatives have a strong impact from both an enterprise success perspective and a personal career growth perspective. The survey provides CIOs and executive leaders with the insights needed to understand board of directors priorities and to align their activities to those priorities.

Gartner’s Top Strategic Predictions for 2022 and Beyond: Leveraging What We Have Learned

After a year of uncertainty, “impact” will be the watchword of 2022 as companies try to show stronger value and greater flexibility in recovery. Those who emerged ready to apply what was learned toward mining the next innovation will enjoy the calm after the storm.

The Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022

Strategic technology trends have significant disruptive potential and set the stage for innovation over the next five years. Enterprises must examine the business impact of these trends and adjust business operations appropriately or risk losing competitive advantage to those who do. These are trends that IT cannot afford to ignore as they deal with the uncertainty driven by the pandemic.

CEO Concerns 2021-2022: Implications and Actions for CIOs

Explore with us our latest survey insights on chief executive concerns. The emerging postpandemic world is different in many ways and CEOs are hoping “digital” will help them find the next business growth trajectory. The implications for CIOs will be significant and the actions they must take will be bold.

2022 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda: How to Master Business Composability

COVID-19 changed the way enterprises do business, triggering unprecedented volatility. Existing leadership and technology principles are ill-suited to thrive in this new world. This year’s CIO and Technology Executive Agenda explores the leadership actions necessary to maximize business value delivery during this period of volatility.

Signature Series: Future of Work Reinvented

COVID-19 has shattered assumptions about how work gets done. Organizations have reacted quickly but now is the time to intentionally reinvent the future of work. CIOs have a unique opportunity to evolve from legacy location-centric work design to a more equitable human-centric work design that drives both talent and business outcomes.

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