Helen Poitevin

Helen Poitevin

VP Analyst
Helen Poitevin is a VP Analyst with a focus on HCM technologies and advising clients on their HCM technology strategies. Areas of particular focus include talent analytics, voice of the employee analytics, workforce planning and AI in HCM. In addition, Ms. Poitevin conducts research regarding the future of work with a focus on the impact of technology on how people will work, the gig economy, talent marketplaces and ecosystems and future talent practices.
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Monday, 23 November, 2020 / 01:30 PM - 02:00 PM IST
(03:00 AM - 03:30 AM EST)
Building and Deploying Talent in the Digital Talent Ecosystem

Innovative technologies are transforming how talent is developed, what we can consider "talent" and how organizations can tap into it. This session explores the impact of digital on the broader talent ecosystem that CIOs need to navigate, along with other executives. Together, they need to rethink how they go about finding, developing and deploying talent in fundamentally new ways.

Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 / 01:15 PM - 01:45 PM IST
(02:45 AM - 03:15 AM EST)
How to Find the Skills You Need When Hiring Is Not an Option

The half-life of skills is decreasing. Uncertainty makes it difficult to hire. Yet digital transformation needs to accelerate. CIOs need to get creative about how they think about worker capabilities. Learn how skills data and AI, workforce planning, and the internal talent marketplace can help solve short and medium term challenges to get the skills you need.

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