The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and IT Executives™

30 November – 2 December 2021 | India | Virtual

Guiding CIOs and IT executives to accelerate digital business

Last year was a catalyst that brought digital business innovation to the forefront of organizations. CIOs and IT executives were at the core of driving that innovation. 2021 is the time to build on your momentum to enhance customer engagement, generate new revenue and serve customers and citizens.

Digital business acceleration is execution at speed and we’re your co-pilot. 

Prioritize what to accelerate, unlock resources for digital investments, make meaningful cultural changes and so much more. No matter where you are on your digital business acceleration journey, we’re here to help you get to your destination faster — with confidence.

Leading today and tomorrow

CIOs demonstrated outstanding leadership in 2020. This year, build from that experience to embrace new approaches to leadership and strategic decision making to lead in a dynamic world.

Innovative technologies

What’s next in a changing world? Leverage emerging technologies to help shape alternative work styles, flexible supply chains and innovatively automated actions through artificial intelligence (AI).

Business continuity

Shape technology to respond to adversity. Discover digital business strategic planning tools and techniques to achieve business continuity.

We will distill the most critical advice for clients and deliver it at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo. Now is the time to turn to Gartner for insights, advice, hope and to discover how to thrive in a renewed economy. We will equip CIOs and IT executives with strategies, practical tools and insights to compose a future winning strategy.

Arup Roy

VP Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Chief Information Officer (CIO) Experience

    The CIO Experience is an exclusive program within the overall agenda designed for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to explore new strategies, share innovative ideas and grow their community of peers.

    Join a global community of CIOs and IT executives

    The digital era has brought unprecedented change to technology, business and society. Beyond managing IT, CIOs are called to lead and inspire their teams and business stakeholders through deeply transformative business models, practices and cultures. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo addresses the strategic needs of enterprise CIOs and their leadership teams. This conference is designed for:

    Connect with CIOs across regions and industries, and gain new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of business transformation
    • Scale, refine and accelerate your digital business strategy.
    • Create agile and responsive operating models.
    • Reimagine the workplace of the future supported by new work environments and technology augmentation.
    • Build and retain a dynamic and skilled IT workforce.
    • Overcome organizational culture, resource and change management barriers.
    • Identify, prioritize and capitalize on emerging technologies and trends.
    Security, risk and compliance leaders can expect to walk away with insights to:
    • Discover and effectively handle breaches and incidents in a timely manner
    • Adapt your IT security requirements to encompass digital and cyber-physical needs
    • Anticipate cybersecurity threats
    • Manage risk in a distributed decision-making environment
    • Develop cybersecurity talent
    • Evaluate, measure and report risk
    Explore with chief data officers, chief analytics officers and senior data and analytics leaders how to:
    • Predict future outcomes using advanced analytics and AI
    • Increase digital literacy across the organization
    • Move to a data-centric culture of self-service and pervasive business analytics
    • Drive revenue growth from information products and services
    Senior application leaders learn insights and best practices to:
    • Rationalize and modernize the application portfolio
    • Leverage the potential of emerging technologies to transform existing applications and processes
    • Drive business agility by promoting citizen development 
    • Enable distributed decision making
    • Decrease duplicate technology spend
    • Create superior digital experiences for customers, citizens and employees
    VPs of IT infrastructure and operations explore the tools and tactics to:
    • Use cloud management, infrastructure and operations (I&O) automation capabilities and organizational models to enable digital business
    • Create a modern I&O strategy that drives agility, engagement and value creation
    • Adopt platform thinking to enable infrastructure-led innovation

    2021 Conference Brochure

    Explore the 2021 virtual conference brochure to learn more about the tracks directly from the track managers, topic-focused agenda delivering the latest technology, strategy and leadership insights across topics, covering the challenges most critical to CIOs and IT Executives.

    Topics at a Glance

    Access the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help CIOs and IT executives accelerate digital business. Explore the conference topics built to tackle the biggest challenges facing CIOs and IT executives. 

    Application Acceleration

    Explore how the applications you develop, modernize and maintain drive your digital business strategy. Learn how to accelerate your transformation with composable business strategies, agile, DevSecOps, modernization and more.

    Artificial Intelligence, Data and Analytics

    Leverage the game-changing technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and data and analytics. Move to a data-centric and conversational application culture of self-service and pervasive business analytics.

    Cloud, Infrastructure and Operations

    Optimize your cloud business models, leverage edge computing and multi-cloud to evolve your I&O.

    Customer and Citizen Experience

    Discover how to create superior digital experiences that serve as a sustainable differentiator for customers and citizens.

    Cybersecurity and Risk Management

    Respond to the risks the digital revolution raises and how to adapt your IT security requirements to encompass digital and cyber-physical needs.

    Digital Business Acceleration

    Scale, refine and accelerate your digital business strategy. Shift to the next level of creating new products and business models that can change the dynamics of your industry.

    Dynamic Leadership

    Discover how to be a transformational leader, influence stakeholders and embrace the evolution of the CIO.

    Funding Digital

    Discover the tools, strategies and trends that will help your organization spend smarter with funding models and financial management tools.

    Future of Work

    Explore digital workplace strategies, frameworks, models, blended human and AI workforces, and future team structure to lead today and tomorrow.

    Innovation and Disruption

    Dive into innovation management, emerging technologies and scenario planning to discover the changes that you need to achieve your digital ambitions.

    Operational Excellence and Operating Models

    Explore how to address gaps, introduce approaches to strategy and governance, and create a tighter integration of the enterprise and IT operating models.

    Strategic Planning and Execution

    Learn how to create and execute adaptive strategies that build in resilience and position your organization to thrive.

    Talent, Culture and Change

    Learn how to identify your culture change journey to better serve your organization’s challenges and recruit and retain the diverse talent needed to succeed in this new landscape of work.

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