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Yuki Shingu
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Yuki Shingu

President and Chief Executive Officer, Future Architect, Inc./Board Director, IT Consulting & Services, Future Corporation
SHINGU Yuki President and Chief Executive Officer Future Architect, Inc. History: Joined Future System Consulting (currently Future) in 1998. Engaged in numerous projects, mainly in the distribution service industry, as an IT consultant. Left the company in 2012 to care for her family, and after working at Microsoft Japan, rejoined the company in 2017. Assumed her current position in 2019. Based on her experience of leaving her job to care for her family, Yuki is promoting the creation of an environment in which employees can work in various ways, so that all employees, not only women, can choose their ideal careers and play an active role in their job.
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Tuesday, 01 November, 2022 / 05:05 PM - 05:35 PM JST
CIO Experience Guest speaker session: Organizations that Develop DX Talent - Fostering a Culture of Individuality and Challenge

As the pandemic has exposed many underlying social issues, Japanese firms are under pressure to change. While innovation-driven DX is expected to be the key to unlock the future and full-scale investment is accelerating, skilled human resources are in short supply. In order for a company to grow, it is critical to secure and develop a diverse workforce and create an environment in which each employee can maximize his or her personal strengths. This session will highlight the importance of flexible work styles based on her own experience of leaving work to care for family, and will present a system to create a culture that encourages employees to continuously learn and challenge themselves by supporting innovation and growth, and to enable them to build careers autonomously.

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