Application Leaders

At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, you will gain invaluable insights into advancing business priorities through application strategies, finding the right talent and skills needed to thrive in an era of rapid digital transformation, and a look at emerging technologies that will have an impact on your organization.

Join us and discover how to:


  • Prepare for the changing role of application leaders in 2023
  • Successfully provide the capabilities to enable customer 360 initiatives
  • Adopt AI capabilities to improve insight across the application portfolio
  • Balance the desire for new technologies with the realities of leveraging existing investments
  • Cut through the hype around AI, RPA, IoT, blockchain to make the right investment decisions 
Suggested Sessions:


  • Top Ten Strategic Application Trends
  • Applications 2023: Driving Change in a Digital World
  • Gaining a 360-View of Customers in a World of Disparity and Silos 
  • Unifying Business Technology and Information Technology Demands System of Systems Thinking 


At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, we have five tracks dedicated to your priorities. View now. 

Succeed as an Application Leader in 2023

Application leaders will need to consider three major impacts of digital business that require a different kind of application leader to ensure future success. 


  1. New models of business engagement 
  2. New demographics and skillsets 
  3. New approaches using advanced technology  


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