Development and Integration

Application integration is complex. Building a solid infrastructure that allows traditional and modern methods of integration that is highly reliable, scalable and performant is not an easy feat.


At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, you will gain invaluable insights into addressing legacy and integration challenges and strategies for mobile, hybrid and ‘do it yourself’ integration. As well as successful integration strategies that will help deliver digital business.

Join us and discover how to:


  • Get the best out of chatbot technologies 
  • Move from project to product delivery models
  • Scaling agile and DevOps for digital transformation
  • Learn the good, the bad and the ugly of low code development
  • Move your integration practice towards a business utility model
  • Have the tools to choose the right approach for cloud service integration
  • Understand where RPA fits into your integration and modernization initiatives
Suggested Sessions:


  • The Blueprint for Transforming to Digital Product Development 
  • Amplify Digital Dynamism Through an Integration Business Utility Strategy
  • Choosing Integration Strategies for On-Premises, SaaS and Cloud-Hosted Applications
  • Stay Relevant and Effective With the Top Application Architecture and Development Skills 


At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, we have five tracks dedicated to your priorities. View now. 

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