Cloud Computing

Join us and benefit from:
  • Develop pervasive integration capabilities
  • Implement a hybrid integration platform (HIP)
  • Understand when microservcies are appropriate, and when they are not
  • Understand the impact of advancing/ emerging technologies on your application strategy
  • Create an application organization with the agility and flexibility to support today’s digital business demands
Cloud computing coverage at this conference

While not new, effectively using and integrating cloud platform and applications technologies within existing frameworks and infrastructure is still a challenge across many IT organizations. In addition, application leaders must manage new risks that accompany cloud technologies. This leaves application leaders with one question – what’s the right path forward?


At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, we explore cloud computing from getting started with cloud to cloud integration — and anywhere in between. Join us for three days full of insights to help you move your applications organization into the next era of digital business.

Cloud computing sessions include
  • Cloud Boot Camp: Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Boot Camp: Getting Started With Cloud
  • Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation
  • Technical Insights: The Path to Microservices
  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service
  • Not Just PaaS: Seven Top Trends In Cloud Platforms For Digital Business
  • Choosing Integration Strategies for On-Premises, SaaS and Cloud-Hosted Applications
  • Stay Relevant and Effective With the Top Application Architecture and Development Skills
  • Technical Insights: MASA, an Agile Architecture With Integrated Apps, APIs and Multigrained Services
  • Governing Next-Generation API Infrastructure: Events, Microservices, Streaming and Hybrid Architectures
Cloud Strategy Q&A

Devise an Effective Cloud Computing Strategy by Answering 5 Key Questions 


Application development strategies must evolve to define new approaches to create cloud-optimized, cloud-native and hybrid applications that deliver maximum value.


Gartner recommends application leaders can devise an effective cloud computing strategy by answering five questions. 


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