Join us and benefit from:
  • Develop pervasive integration capabilities
  • Implement a hybrid integration platform (HIP)
  • Understand when microservcies are appropriate, and when they are not
  • Understand the impact of advancing/ emerging technologies on your application strategy
  • Create an application organization with the agility and flexibility to support today’s digital business demands
Integration coverage at this conference

Integration is a crucial part of any IT organization and comes with its fair share of challenges. Application leaders must have a flexible strategy for integration — whether integrating third party applications or internal systems — In order to modernize and transform the digital business.


At Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, you’ll find sessions that help you tackle the challenge of integration. Join us this year to make sure your application strategy benefits from leading-edge insights on superior integration strategies.

Integration sessions include
  • Building a Digital Business Technology Platform
  • Best Practices in IoT Implementation Architecture and Integration
  • The Future of B2B Includes the Past: APIs, MFT, EDI and Ecosystems
  • Amplify Digital Dynamism Through an Integration Business Utility Strategy
  • How Integration Professionals Can Not Only Survive, but Thrive With Postmodern ERP
  • Choosing Integration Strategies for On-Premises, SaaS and Cloud-Hosted Applications
  • Unifying Business Technology and Information Technology Demands System of Systems Thinking
  • Governing Next-Generation API Infrastructure: Events, Microservices, Streaming and Hybrid Architectures
  • Event-Driven Computing for Digital Business Technology Leaders: Top Five Scenarios, Technology Options and Architecture Principles

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