Delivering on your priorities

Application architecture, development and integration leaders are tasked with crafting leading edge applications, architectures and strategies that create value and enable digital business transformation. 

To help you navigate our 2020 agenda, we mapped out sessions from this year's agenda towards the key initiatives application leaders, like yourself, tell us are pivotal to their role.

Use it to gain a competitive advantage, pre-build your conference agenda, and focus on what matters to you and your organization.  

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As business transforms to the digital future, the experience of making, buying and using applications transforms as well. Applications leaders that are prepared for the future of applications and are prepared to change will flourish; the others risk bypass and irrelevance. The following sessions will help ensure you are equipped to prepare for these changes and can make a tangible impact in your enterprise.
  • Gartner Opening Keynote: Journey to the Final Decade of Applications
  • Roundtable: Future of the Applications Leaders' Role
  • Product Owners: The Role That Will Make or Break Your Agile Teams
  • Workshop: Influencing Your Stakeholders

Business application experiences and architectures will change drastically in the next ten years. The ability of application leaders to realize their applications visions and strategies for the future depends on the plans they put in place today. Attend these sessions to learn how to develop and communicate a vision of how a modern, flexible and agile application organization and strategy will drive improved business performance.

  • Gartner Opening Keynote: Journey to the Final Decade of Applications
  • The Future of Applications
  • Prepare for the Composable Enterprise With APIs, Marketplaces and Ecosystem Creation
  • Top Ten Application Technology Trends
  • Strategic Architecture Roadmap to the Future of Applications
  • How to Develop a Compelling, Inspiring Vision for Digital Transformation
  • How to Use Digital Twins to Help Enable Your Transition to the Future of Applications


Artificial intelligence adoption has entered the mainstream, but most organizations are at the earliest stages and still developing their strategy and governance. These sessions will help you to move past the proof of concept stage for AI and other technologies and scale up to production-ready systems.
  • Boot Camp: What is Machine Learning?
  • Boot Camp: What is Robotic Process Automation?
  • Boot Camp: Getting Started with Chatbots
  • The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Application Development in the Era of Artificial Intelligence
  • Scaling AI from POC to Production
  • How Companies Use IoT to Enhance and Integrate Their CRM, ERP, FSM and Other Core Business Applications
  • Bringing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Into Production Application Environments
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, Past, Present and Future
  • Modernizing Customer Engagement With Voice, AI, Chatbots and Real-time Analytics
  • AI in Integration Technology is Real: Navigating the Rise of Augmented Integration
  • Roundtable: How to Integrate AI Into the Business
  • Ask the Expert: The Business Value of Robotic Process Automation
Modern integration, driven by the needs of digital business, cloud computing and increased customer expectations must be agile and responsive. This following sessions examine the approaches, platforms, vendors and models that support new ways of integrating systems and data.
  • Fundamentals of Integration, Why It is Important and How You tackle It
  • Three Steps to Design a Future-Proof Business Application Integration Strategy
  • From Big Bang to Continuous Modernization: How to Embed Modernization in Workflows and Federated Delivery Teams
  • Technical Insights: Adding to Your Toolbox: How to Choose the Right Integration Platform
  • Making Application Integration More Agile
  • Roundtable: How to Integrate AI Into the Business
  • Ask the Expert: Integrating With Salesforce


API strategies are becoming increasingly common, supporting digital transformation and innovation, enabling platform and ecosystem model business models and agile business processes. Attend these sessions to understand how to develop an API strategy and how to identify which APIs are right for your organization.
  • Prepare for the Composable Enterprise With APIs, Marketplaces and Ecosystem Creation
  • API Strategies Serve Business Strategies – A Practical Guide
  • API Security and Data Privacy: Protect Your Organization From "Leaky APIs"
  • Use This Maturity Model to Assess Your Competency in API Strategy
  • Workshop: API Strategy- Managing and Securing Your APIs
  • How a Service Mesh Fits Into Your API Mediation Strategy
  • Digital Product Management — Linking APIs and Experiences Through Their Life Cycle
  • Technical Insights: Future APIs Now: Evolving and Expanding Your API Strategy to Support Digital Business


Application leaders must meet and exceed expectations in delivering highly relevant and compelling experiences across digital channels. These sessions explore the best practices and strategies for both internal/employee and external/customer experiences and engagement.
  • How Superior Employee Experience Drives Superior Customer Experience
  • Create Customer Experiences That Disrupt Competition by Applying Design Thinking
  • Stop Firefighting and Start Trailblazing Employee Experience
  • Let’s Get Personal With Employee Experiences: A Cross-Industry Perspective


Contract negotiations with key applications providers can be very complex and time-consuming. These sessions will help IT leaders involved in the negotiation planning process to incorporate “must know” tips, tactics and “tricks” into their negotiation plans to optimize pricing, discounts and contract terms.
  • Contract Negotiation Clinic: Top 10 Tips, Tactics and Tricks for Negotiation Success
  • Contract Negotiation Clinic: Eight Steps to Strategize Software and SaaS Negotiations for Cost Optimization and Risk Mitigation


Building an organization capable of capitalizing on its talent and technology to deliver value requires a close alignment between IT and the business. Learn how to better align strategies between IT and the business and create hybrid IT-Business “Fusion” teams by attending these sessions.

  • The Next Frontier for Products Over Projects: Hybrid IT-Business Fusion Teams
  • Overcome Objections and Sell the Benefits of Moving From Projects to Products and Agile
  • API Strategies Serve Business Strategies – A Practical Guide
  • Technical Insights: Future APIs Now: Evolving and Expanding Your API Strategy to Support Digital Business
  • Future of Work - New Work Nucleus
  • Scale RPA Value by Equipping Business Partners to Take the Lead
  • Scaling AI from POC to Production
  • Product Manager: The Role That Will Make or Break Your Agile Teams
  • The Culture Hacking Roadmap
  • Three Keys to Ensuring Citizen Development Success


Low-code tooling is changing the way enterprises are building and deploying more applications faster with fewer developers. These sessions examine what use cases work and how challenges are overcome with low-code application platforms.

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Using Low-Code Application Platforms
  • Workshop: How to Select the Right Low-Code Tool for the Job
  • Ask the Expert: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly About No-Code and Low-Code Platforms

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