Software Engineering Leaders

Software engineering leaders face many different challenges when leading their teams into the digital business world. You must use and develop the right skills, tools and technologies to maintain a fresh portfolio, retain precious personnel and keep teams engaged. You must tackle that legacy monolith and reduce technical debt in order to unlock agility and the capabilities it can provide to business. Above all, you must deliver customer and employee value through the right features, combined with the right methodology and the right quality.

At the Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2022, you’ll hear how Software engineering leaders can transform themselves and their organizations to become more resilient, adaptable and effective. With a dedicated track of content for Software Engineering leaders, and a host of networking opportunities, the Conference will help you to build a modern, adaptive software engineering organization that can deliver business value and power digital transformation.

Want to see the kind of content we will be covering?

Watch the video to get an exclusive look at one of the sessions for software engineering leaders from the 2021 conference, "When Should You Use Microservices?".

Check out the hot topics covered in the 2022 agenda

  • Software engineering leadership strategies
  • Talent strategy and development
  • Agile project delivery
  • Application security
  • Application design and methodologies
  • API management
  • Microservices
  • Application architecture
  • Programming languages
  • Data and analytics
  • Testing
  • Low-code and no-code development
  • Automation
  • Legacy to cloud
  • Application integration

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