Software engineering leaders, join us in 2023

Hot topics for our 2023 conference:
  • Product-centric delivery
  • Improving developer productivity and experience
  • DevOps/DevSecOp
  • Low-code/no-code
  • Platform engineering and software quality
Learn how to:
  • Develop the right skills and team structures for a modern software engineering organization
  • Understand and adopt best practices for scaling agile
  • Transition from a project-centric to a product-centric delivery model
  • Explore and deploy the API approaches that are being used by the most successful organizations
  • Guide and enable the cultural changes required for successful software engineering
  • Build strategies to reshape software delivery to drive business value
  • Discover the latest research and insights to build a modern, adaptive software engineering organization
  • Find new tactics for retaining talent and developing a culture of success
  • Dive deeply into API security, low-code security, open-source security and cloud native

Top recommended sessions for software engineering leaders:

  • Top Strategic Technology Trends in Software Engineering
  • Transforming Resourcing and Funding Models for Product-Centric Delivery
  • Strategic Roadmap to Becoming a World-Class Software Engineering Organization
  • Strengthen Your Employment Value Proposition to Attract and Retain Great Software Engineering Talent
  • Patterns and Anti-Patterns in Team Structures for Software Engineering Organizations
  • Workshop: How to Select the Right Low-Code Tool for the Job
  • Advanced Roadmapping for Software Engineering Leaders