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Akriti Kapoor

Akriti Kapoor

Sr Director, Research
As part of the Software Engineering Leaders research team in Gartner's Technology Research Practice, Akriti Kapoor works with functional leaders and their teams to conduct in-depth research of their pressing challenges, surfacing evidenced best practices and practical tools practitioners can put to their own use.
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Wednesday, 13 September, 2023 / 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM BST
Transforming Resourcing and Funding Models for Product-Centric Delivery

To deliver high-value software in the face of increasing disruption and the need for responsiveness, progressive software engineering leaders are shifting a growing share of delivery work from projects to product-centric delivery models. However, this requires significant transformations to your resourcing and funding models. This session will provide insights to help software engineering leaders get product-centric funding and resourcing right, supported by real-world examples.

Wednesday, 13 September, 2023 / 02:30 PM - 04:30 PM BST
Research Discussion: How Can Software Engineering Leaders Drive Greater Business Value From Software Delivery

Despite delivering more software faster than ever, software engineering teams still struggle to maximize the value of their software, especially given the recent disruptive business environment. Generating greater value in this environment requires software engineering teams to continuously identify and capitalize on high-value opportunities. In this research, we will review real-world examples from Petrobras and Aon on how software engineering leaders can guide their teams on the path to value delivery.

Thursday, 14 September, 2023 / 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM BST
Roundtable: Women in IT

Although women make up nearly half of the global workforce, women are only 31% of IT employees. Unlike other professions where women have made significant strides to reach leadership positions, only 22% of IT leaders are women. This Roundtable discussion will explore the questions:
1) What holds women back from attaining leadership roles in IT?
2) What keys to success can we learn from women CIOs, software engineering leaders, and female senior business executives in technology companies?
3) What changes are being tried to better attract, retain, and promote women in IT?

Thursday, 14 September, 2023 / 04:30 PM - 05:00 PM BST
How to Communicate the Value of Software Development Initiatives

Traditional linear-value models and ROI assessments focus too narrowly on shareholder value, and fail to provide a comprehensive view of the impact of software development initiatives. To ensure value-driven decisions, and build compelling business cases and funding requests, this session will guide software engineering leaders to effectively link their technology outcomes to business outcomes.

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