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Michael Wodickh
Guest speaker

Michael Wodickh

Senior Enterprise Architect
Michael Nikolaus Wodickh is a Senior Enterprise Architect working in the Enterprise Architecture Advisory and Innovation Department at Tryg.
Mr. Wodickh is a firm believer in co-creating with business and technology stakeholders within and outside the Tryg organization, strongly motivated of the ambition to deliver superior capabilities for an altogether efficient, innovative IT Platform and IT Operating Model in Tryg.
Mr. Wodickh spends most of his days realizing business strategies from a technology perspective with focus on providing individual business agility for each of the 9 business champions in Tryg while keeping a keen eye on achieving the most value for the money.

In particular, Mr. Wodickh is very focused on and interested in, how data and derived facts can be used in driving the architecture smartly forward and act as a true catalyst in realizing the Tryg ambition.
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Tuesday, 17 May, 2022 / 01:30 PM - 02:15 PM CEST
Case Study Roundtable: Tryg: Establishing a Foundation for Facts-Driven Enterprise Architecture

Tryg is creating a data foundation to help facilitate facts-driven enterprise architecture. This case study describes how Tryg used Gartner’s extended TIME model for a continuous system health assessment and used this fuel for building a data driven system focused “repository”. The digital representation of Tryg helps decision making not only for enterprise architecture but also for business partners around the organization. The session will cover challenges and opportunities faced, lessons learned, models and results so far.

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