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Phil Reid
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Phil Reid

Product Manager, Vice President
Phil is a Product Manager, community builder and social learning leader in the Global Technology division of J.P. Morgan Chase.
He spent the majority of his career in software engineering, but after having witnessed first-hand the benefits of communities of practice during a transition to a new role, he developed a fascination with these communities as a way to connect, empower, and inspire people.
This moved him to help create a grassroots initiative called ‘Ignite’, which started small as a way to provide support and resources for communities of practice. With the help of a large force of volunteers, it spread globally, and is now intrinsic to the strategy, culture, and learning paradigm of the company’s global technology organization.
His work has been recognized in the media and in industry, and he’s on a mission to share the benefits of communities of practice far and wide.
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Wednesday, 13 September, 2023 / 12:30 PM - 01:15 PM BST
Case Study Roundtable: Ignite the Power of Your People with Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are arguably an under-appreciated means of unlocking the vast benefits that are proven to result from connecting people based on an intrinsic, ‘grassroots’ passion for a shared domain, in a social, community-based learning environment. In this session, we will hear about the impact the Ignite initiative has had at JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest financial and most systemically important financial institutions in the world. In addition, in a small, social learning space that follows, there will be an opportunity to discuss the ways in which participants can get started on their own journey of community building, as well as how to access specific guiding resources from industry leaders.

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