Gartner AADI Summit Tracks Overview

Application leaders must embrace their emerging role as a strategic guide and advisor to the business by developing new approaches, new technologies, new skills, and ultimately a new mindset. Learn how to create the strategies, models, architectures and applications that will lead your organization, and your career, into the next decade.

Join us at Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit, 8 - 9 June in London, UK, where we have 5 tracks dedicated to your 2020 key priorities. View the 2020 tracks and hot topics below.

Organizations use applications to achieve their business objectives. As business transforms to its digital future, the experience of making, buying and using applications transforms as well. IT and business leaders that are prepared for the future of applications will flourish; the others will risk increasing costs and declining ability to innovate and compete. Attendees of this track will learn what to expect and how to succeed paving their unique road to the future of applications.

Hot Topics:

  • The Future of Applications
  • The Future Composable Enterprise
  • Business-IT Continuum in technology
  • Business and culture of the organization
  • Platform democratization
  • Product-Centric Application Delivery
  • Application mega-vendors strategies


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Architects much keep pace with new platform services, tools, and frameworks which meet the demands of scale and agility demanded by digital business. This track reviews the latest in architectural approaches to support the infrastructure and applications that will comprise your digital future.

Hot Topics:

  • Microservices
  • Service Mesh
  • API Strategy
  • Cloud Platform Trends
  • Multi-experience Platforms
  • Mesh App and Service Architecture
  • Master Data Management
  • Platform as a Service


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Modern integration, driven by the needs of digital business, cloud computing and increased customer expectations must be agile and responsive. This track looks at the approaches, platforms, vendors and models that support new ways of integrating systems and data.

Hot Topics:

  • Vendor Roundups Data Sharing/Hubs
  • Agile Integration
  • RPA
  • Focus on Business Value
  • Integration Platforms
  • Maturity Models
  • Full Lifecycle API Management
  • Event Driven Computing


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This track helps those looking to create the strategy and tactics necessary to build and deploy AI, IoT, blockchain and other disruptive technologies to ensure they remain competitive.

Hot Topics:

  • AI – from POC to Production
  • IoT
  • Knowledge Management in the Era of AI
  • Immersive Technologies
  • Hype Cycles
  • Digital Twins
  • Chatbots
  • Augmented Intelligence
  • Blockchain


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Application leaders must meet and exceed expectations in delivering highly relevant and compelling experiences across digital channels. This track explores best practices and strategies for both internal/employee and external/customer experiences and engagement.

Hot Topics:

  • Digital Experience Platforms
  • Design Thinking for Superior Experiences
  • Employee Experience
  • Culture
  • Building a UX Team


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