Choose the Right Approach to Modernize Your Legacy Systems

Through 2020, every dollar invested in digital business innovation will require enterprises to spend at least three times that to continuously modernize their legacy application portfolio.


Key challenges that application leaders face:

  • Application leaders must modernize legacy applications that form an obstacle for digital business due to low business fit and value, higher risk, and/or low technology fitness.
  • No single application modernization approach solves all problems. Low business fit, value, risk and technology fitness have many causes.
  • Application leaders must evaluate various modernization approaches to select the one that solves their specific problem while also meeting the organization's acceptable level of risk, cost and impact.


Gartner recommends application leaders should do the following: 

  • Evaluate legacy systems by understanding the six business and IT drivers behind modernization.
  • Identify the cause of the problem by using the six drivers of modernization as a guide.
  • Evaluate the modernization approaches on their ability to remediate the cause.
  • Choose the modernization approach with the highest effect and value while also considering cost, risk and impact.


Take a look at six common drivers for application modernization that you can use to evaluate your legacy system and define the problem.

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