Gartner Catalyst Conference

The AI and Machine Learning Conference For Technical Professionals

16 - 17 September 2019 / London, UK

Analytics techniques are rapidly evolving to support digital business at scale. As a technical professional, you are at the center of this transformation and must mature analytic capabilities with modern solutions to improve efficiency.


Catalyst is Gartner's AI conference that will provide you with pragmatic guidance on how to design the next generation of Analytic Architectures, operationalize Artificial Intelligence, create a data strategy for Machine Learning initiatives and overcome obstacles in achieving successful self-service analytics.


Plan your agenda, and leave with a blueprint for success in artificial intelligence, machine learning and Data Analytics.

In today’s digital environment, data and analytics must drive operations instead of just reflecting them. What does that for mean for technical professionals? It means that it has never been more critical that you have the know-how to manage an end-to-end data and analytics architecture, such as how to:


  • Connect Intelligent infrastructure, applications and augmented analytics
  • Leverage MLOps and DataOps to Operationalize ML and AI
  • Deliver analysis and insight to relevant employees in a timely manner
  • Use AI and Machine Learning With Your Data Warehouse to create insights that enable business transformation
  • Build next-generation business analytic environments
  • Incorporate augmented intelligence into existing environments and architectures
  • Implement a big data analytic technology architecture


Gartner Catalyst conference is the artificial intelligence event that takes you on a deep dive into the above trends, topics and more, offering a dynamic live context to ask questions, vet ideas and proactively problem-solve with Gartner's experts and peers.


Transform your AI, ML and data analytics skillsets, achieve more with limited resources and guide the technology transformation of your organization.

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