Gartner Catalyst Conference

The DevOps and Agile Conference For Technical Professionals

16 - 17 September 2019 / London, UK

Track D: Application Agility, Architecture, and DevOps

At this year’s Gartner Catalyst Conference, unlock true agility, develop self-organizing teams, improve your teams’ architecture skills and take a deep dive into Agile and DevOps. Explore the various Application Agility, Architecture, and DevOps seminars and plan your agendaleave with a blueprint for success in Agile, Architecture, MSA and DevOps/DevSecOps.


The desire for application modernization, cloud enablement and agile software delivery already permeate application architecture. Demand for ever-more adaptable and intelligent solutions is driving new disruptions in the form of containers, serverless platforms, DevOps and machine learning. 

Modern DevOps, application architectures and platforms embrace the cloud, enable agility and help leverage existing investments. Gartner’s Catalyst Conference guides technical professionals to meeting business needs by architecting solutions using apps, microservices, APIs, containers, functions, events and machine learning.


Technical professionals looking to architect applications that embrace modern architecture patterns, practices and platforms must:


  • Adopt new application architectures that take advantage of APIs, services, events and AI/ML
  • Select and adopt application platform technologies for on-premises, cloud and multicloud
  • Architect applications to take advantage of the cloud
  • Assess Web App Architecture Based on APIs and Services to Provide Agility
  • Build Cloud-Native Applications Using Serverless PaaS
  • Succeed With Microservices Architecture (MSA) and design for Agile Architecture
  • Evaluate the latest technology, e.g. pro's and con's of the Kubernetes container orchestration system


Gartner Catalyst Conference takes a deep dive into the above Devops trends, topics and more, offering a dynamic live context to ask questions, vet ideas and proactively problem-solve with Gartner's experts and peers.


Transform your skillsets, achieve more with limited resources and guide the technology transformation of your organization.

Your Application Agility, Architecture, and DevOps aligned agenda:


MASA: An Agile Architecture With Integrated Apps, APIs and Multigrained Services

Brad Dayley, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Evolving digital business requires an architecture that supports agility, flexibility and scalability. A multigrained mesh app and service architecture (MASA) approach centered around mediated APIs and mesh applications provides a highly agile architecture. This session provides a framework for iteratively incorporating MASA principles to increase your architectural agility.


Workshop: Demystifying Agile With the Agile Fluency™ Game

Peter Hyde, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Kevin Matheny, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Learn what Agile is and isn’t, what can go wrong, and how to succeed in your own Agile adoption! The game simulates the first two and a half years of an Agile project through the lens of the Agile Fluency Model — a powerful tool for understanding what Agile software development teams need to excel. You’ll leave the session with new insights about how to succeed with Agile in your organization. Registration required.

*Access to this session is restricted to those that are not part of an organization/company that provides services, products or solutions to professionals in the industry.

Please Note: based on availability and eligibility you may sign-up for this session via Events Navigator after you register for this event.



If the Answer Is Kubernetes, Are You Asking the Correct Question?

Fintan Ryan, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Application architects are looking at Kubernetes to solve a myriad of problems. Kubernetes provides an important and essential building block for a microservices architecture,  but in many cases Kubernetes is chosen as it is the fashionable technology of the moment. In this talk we will discuss the pros and cons of choosing Kubernetes and help guide you to the correct architectural and business choice.

This session will include a live demo of deploying a simple application with Kubernetes and two serverless container platforms.


Solution Comparison of Kubernetes Cloud Services for Building APIs and Microservices

Fintan Ryan, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Solution comparison of Kubernetes Cloud Services. Kubernetes is rapidly becoming the ubiquitous distributed application platform for cloud-native applications for both self-managed and public cloud scenarios. Fully-managed cloud Kubernetes services take the guess work out of how to architect, provision and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters. This removes the friction for technical professionals developing applications in containers to deploy and manage these applications at scale.



Seek and Deploy: Choosing the Right Technologies for Your Microservices Platform

Gary Olliffe, VP Analyst, Gartner

From containers to CI/CD,  service meshes to serverless, Kubernetes to Kafka. With the hype around microservices and DevOps, the number of options has exploded and the array of technology that can help you deliver microservices is bewildering. This session explains Gartner’s reference architecture for microservice platforms, what you need to be successful, when you need it and how to deploy and operate it.


The Path to Microservices Is Paved With Good Intentions

Kevin Matheny, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Microservices architecture (MSA) is at the top of the hype cycle, but organizations that "do microservices" without a clear understanding of the problems it solves — and the problems it can create — risk creating new and unforeseen problems. The right architecture for your organization is a mix of fine-grained and coarse-grained services. This talk provides guidance on determining if MSA is right for your organization and clear steps for how to put your organization on the path to the right level of service granularity for your needs.

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NEW! Exclusive to Catalyst:
  • Live demo of deploying a simple application with Kubernetes and two serverless container platforms
  • Using the Agile Fluency Game, a euro-style board game that simulates two and half years of Agile adoption
  • Solution Comparison of Kubernetes Cloud Services for Building APIs and Microservices


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