Gartner Catalyst Conference

The Cloud Computing Conference For Technical Professionals

16 - 17 September 2019 / London, UK

Cloud computing is a critical component of business and IT as next-generation technologies and initiatives (such as digital business, IoT and artificial intelligence) become reality, putting increasing pressure on cloud architects, engineers and leaders.


From basic control of shadow IT risks with smart programmatic cloud governance, to designing advanced 5-year roadmaps for data center, cloud and edge computing, the Gartner Catalyst Conference is the leading cloud event that will provide you with the tools and resources to accelerate your cloud computing strategy. Network with 800+ of your peers who are overcoming the same cloud strategy and execution challenges you face. 


Plan your agenda to secure your place in leading edge cloud meetings, networking sessions, keynotes and workshops. Leave with a blueprint for success in Cloud Computing.

To effectively adopt, implement, manage and secure cloud technology for accelerated digital business transformation, technical professionals must:


  • Integrate an increasing number of disparate technologies with cloud-computing
  • Develop and implement a cloud-first strategy, adopting hybrid IT strategies with an emphasis on multicloud architecture
  • Advance the use of public cloud services to become the primary, prioritized and promoted deployment model
  • Effectively compare and select appropriate cloud-integrated IaaS+PaaS providers
  • Assess, migrate and optimize workloads for IaaS and PaaS


Gartner Catalyst Conference takes a deep dive into the above trends, topics and more. Join us in September for numerous cloud networking opportunities alongside a dynamic live context to ask questions, vet ideas and proactively problem-solve with Gartner's experts and peers.


Transform your cloud skillsets, achieve more with limited resources and guide the technology transformation of your organization.

As a cloud architect, here are the relevant sessions for you:

Ask the Expert: Cloud Management Strategy and Tooling


  • What should you be doing about managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure together? What about your data center? Is using a CMP always a good idea? How do you compare cloud management vendors? When should you build your own tools? 
  • The session will be a lively, interactive discussion with attendees prepared to ask questions and to share experiences on cloud management strategies and tooling.


*Access to this session is restricted to those that are not part of an organization/company that provides services, products or solutions to professionals in the industry.


Cloud Networking Best Practices — Forget Everything You Know About Networking When Moving to the Cloud


  • Cloud networking differs from data center network networking, and no public cloud network implementations are the same. What are the cloud networking principles and patterns that apply to the cloud? How can I architect my network for multicloud and hybrid cloud success?


TechDemo: Cloud Wars — Comparing Major Cloud Platform Providers


  • Alibaba Group, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle — these megaproviders are vying to be your strategic cloud integrated IaaS + PaaS service for the future. How are you to choose? In this session, Gartner will present findings for each against its evaluation criteria to help you make your strategic decision.

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