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Sinanudin Omerhodzic
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Sinanudin Omerhodzic

As Chief Technology Officer, Sinanudin Omerhodzic is largely responsible for the development of the strategic vision and realisation of digital initiatives at ALDI Nord.
Sinanudin Omerhodzic can look back on more than 19 years of professional experience in successfully building digital and data-driven platform ecosystems. His innovative drive has enabled IT & Digital organisations to develop new business models under his leadership, effectively shaping and driving business growth. Among his previous positions are well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson AG or Hartmann Group, where he served as CIO, CDO and CISO.
For his outstanding achievements, Sinanudin Omerhodzic has received a number of highly respected awards over the past years, including the “CIO of the year – Innovation Award 2022”, "CIO Leadership Impact Award 2021", "Digital Leader Award 2020", "CIO of the Decade Award 2020" and the "Top 10 CIO of Large Enterprises in Germany 2019 & 2020".
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Wednesday, 29 March, 2023 / 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM CEST
ALDI Nord’s Way to Reinvent the Discount - From Technology to Business Innovator

Especially for ALDI Nord as the inventor of Discount, technology & data play a fundamental role to drive competitive advantages in retail and to offer the best quality for the lowest price. Sinanudin Omerhodzic, CTO at ALDI Nord is responsible for technology, data, digitalization and solution delivery. He will talk about the ambitious journey of ALDI Nord to become a data driven retail company. Sinanudin will describe the required changes in different areas such as the fusion of business and IT, launching of product-centric delivery teams & agile development approaches, culture & mindset, new employment value proposition to attract talents and strategic alliances with tech partners like Trigo.
At the end of the session Ingo Brüning, Gartner MVP will ask Sinanudin several questions about his key success factors, tips & tricks, lessons learned, as well as about his evolving role from a traditional CIO to an enterprise wide CTO.

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