Guest Speakers at Gartner CIO Leadership Forum 2019

Guest Keynote

Guest Keynote: A New Type of Leader for the 21st Century Mindset: Insights from Neuroscience

Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, is a British scientist, writer, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords. Specialising in the physiology of the brain, Susan researches the impact of 21st century technologies on the mind, how the brain generates consciousness and novel approaches to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Susan has been profiled in a wide range of papers and magazines, voted one of the 100 most influential women in Britain.

In this keynote, Susan will illustrate:  

How the massive growth of electronic media is fundamentally altering our brains and central nervous system and that while change is inevitable, companies must choose how to respond to that change.

Gala Dinner Featuring Special Guest Speaker - Lewis Gordon Pugh

Lewis Gordon Pugh is an ocean advocate, pioneer swimmer and explorer who has put his hard-learned lessons into the context of a corporate environment. He shares the visualization that enabled him to undertake the first swim across the sub-zero waters of the North Pole. Lewis has received a number of awards including France and South Africa's highest honours, as well as the Freedom of the City of London.

In this session, Lewis will teach you:

How to harness the energy that comes from overcoming extraordinary odds and inspire audiences to rise to their own internal challenges.

Daniel Marion


Chief of Information and Communication Technology at UEFA

Keynote: Interview with Daniel Marion, Chief of Information and Communication Technology at UEFA

Daniel Marion holds an Engineering degree and an MBA from the London Business School. He has extensive experience in the delivery of ICT and Digital solutions enabling the delivery of major Football competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and the last five UEFA European Championships, in areas ranging from Networking, Event Management and Digital Media. 


Mr Marion joined UEFA 20 years ago and has held different jobs within ICT as well as Digital Media and is currently heading ICT with a team of more than 80 people. The overall objective of ICT is to bring value to its stakeholders and help UEFA deliver the ultimate best during competitions.

During this interview, Daniel will discuss:

How he has been working on optimizing internal and external processes, while maintaining an above average level of service to its business partners.

Guest Keynote: Innovation is the end result of inclusion, diversity, and good leadership… if you lack one of these three points, you’re not innovative


Having developed a model to analyse cultural differences, the so-called "Seven Dimensions of Culture Model", he shows how managing complexity in a heterogeneous environment is a major challenge for today's international managers and corporate leaders as well as a critical component of long term success. 

In this keynote, Fons will explain:  

How reconciling cultural differences will lead to competitive advantage. Fons presents in an entertaining, thought-provoking way and gives interactive introductions into a topic with the aid of examples and best practices that relate to the audience's daily work situation and its implications globally.

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