Who should attend

The Gartner CIO Leadership Forum is an exclusive event for CIOs. This means you are guaranteed a level of information exchange and peer interaction that is unrivaled. To ensure this commitment to our attendees, we ask that you verify your eligibility to attend.


Participation at the Gartner CIO Leadership Forum is open to individuals who meet the following criteria. By applying to participate, you confirm that you comply with at least one of the following eligibility requirements:


Active organization-wide CIO* or Active business unit and regional CIOs who meet one of the criteria below*:


·       Applicants must be responsible for a business unit or division with revenue of $250 million or more

·       Applicants from a public sector organization must be responsible for a department with 1,000 employees or be directly responsible for an expenditure of $250 million or more


*Qualifying CIOs from a technology vendor or consultancy must be involved exclusively in their organization's internal IT/IS operation.


You agree that all eligibility decisions are subject to Gartner’s sole discretion. Once your application has been reviewed and approved by Gartner, please complete the registration form and payment information.

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