Shift your focus. Prepare for a world of constant change.

Growth is your No. 1 priority


Digital transformation has been the CIO mandate for years. But the digitized organization has become real — and CIOs must now build strategies and mould behaviours for a new dynamic: The ContinuousNext. How do you pivot to the next phase of leadership and succeed in a world of instability and constant change? Gartner CIO Regional Forum 2019 will give you the objective guidance you need to shift your priorities and focus on the “new normal.”


Join your peers and address how:

  • Digitalization and technological innovation are changing the job of the CIO
  • Research and insight from Gartner analysts and executive partners that address ContinuousNext dynamics
  • Effective new ways to balance people, processes and technology in a ContinuousNext environment
  • Leadership strategies and tactics designed to help teams determine priorities and accelerate outcomes
  • Ways to expand your sphere of influence within your organization and the global CIO community
  • An emphasis on skill-building, leadership development and unlocking personal potential
  • Networking, discussion, problem-solving and shared learning with your CIO peers
The learning doesn’t stop there

Explore new ways of thinking and find the trusted insights and guidance you need to lead your organization with confidence.

Gartner CIO Leadership Forum by the numbers

Network with
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CIOs and senior IT leaders 
Engage with
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Gartner Experts
Learn from
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Research-Driven Sessions

Convince your boss

Attending a Gartner event can help spur new ideas, fast-track project strategy and execution, and advance your professional skills. These materials will aid you in gaining approval from your manager.


Justification tools for attendees:


Who Should Attend

Gartner CIO Regional Forum is an exclusive event for CIOs. This means you are guaranteed a level of information exchange and peer interaction that is unrivaled. To ensure this commitment to our attendees, we ask that you verify your eligibility to attend.


Participation at the Gartner CIO Regional Forum is open to individuals who meet the following criteria. By applying to participate, you confirm that you comply with at least one of the following eligibility requirements:


Active organization-wide CIO* or Active business unit and regional CIOs who meet one of the criteria below*:


  • Applicants must be responsible for a business unit or division with revenue of $250 million or more
  • Applicants from a public sector organization must be responsible for a department with 1,000 employees or be directly responsible for an expenditure of $250 million or more


*Qualifying CIOs from a technology vendor or consultancy must be involved exclusively in their organization's internal IT/IS operation.


You agree that all eligibility decisions are subject to Gartner’s sole discretion. Once your application has been reviewed and approved by Gartner, please complete the registration form and payment information.

What’s Included

More ways to build relationships, solve problems and challenge your thinking

At Gartner CIO Regional Forum, you’ll gain insight into the powerful digital forces at work in IT and the business ecosystem through workshops, roundtables, analyst one-on-one meetings and more.


You’ll spend three transformational days engaging with peers and Gartner experts who will inspire new ideas and reveal surprising connections between life, business and technology.


In addition to all forum keynotes and breakout sessions, you will have access to: 

Hands-on workshops*

Engage in lively dialogue, earnest debate and real problem solving as you and your peers work through important topics and find effective answers to difficult challenges.

Expert-led roundtables*

Relax and share insights at these informal, Gartner-facilitated sessions, designed to maximize your learning through the lessons, approaches and experiences of fellow attendees.

Analyst one-on-one meetings*

Explore your plans, ideas and questions with the undivided attention of a Gartner analyst who can offer objective guidance on the topics most important to your success.


As a forum attendee, you’re entitled to book up to two analyst one-on-ones. However, one-on-ones are always in high demand — book them early!

Peer networking receptions and meals

Build new relationships, expand your network, broaden your perspectives and uncover ways to solve problems with like-minded peers.

Pre-event agenda planning

Plan and organize your forum experience quickly and easily with Gartner Events Navigator or via the Gartner app — your guide to everything happening on-site.

*Online preregistration is required for these sessions.

It’s who you know

Engage with your fellow CIOs

  • Peer Meetups — Pick a topic and join up to 10 peers in a relaxed setting to exchange ideas, build relationships and address mutual challenges face to face.
  • Roundtables — Hear what your colleagues from various industries are experiencing around relevant topics in these Gartner-moderated sessions.
  • Workshops — Drill down on specific how-to forum topics in a small-group environment led by Gartner or guest experts.
  • Special event — The best business relationships often begin as personal connections. That’s why we’ve arranged social engagements at every chance. From welcome receptions and networking lunches to a special evening event, have fun as you build new business relationships with peers.
  • Networking meals and receptions — Continue conversations, share insights and get to know your peers during these informal breaks.

Meet some of the greatest minds in IT


Beyond sharing knowledge and widening your professional network, these activities open your mind to broader viewpoints, strategic options and new possibilities — often from an unrelated industry.

Learn firsthand what you can achieve.