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Stewart Allan


CIO - Global IT Director

Bibby Financial Services Ltd

Digital Reality in Financial Services — From Nothing to Something

In 2011, this Global Financial Services company was supported by 5 IT professionals and was in technical trouble. Today we are on our Digital journey; which covers both digital optimization and transformation, we are technically safe, we have invested heavily in people and capability and we are adapting.


This session details the journey Bibby took to improve their IT and Change capabilities and address the demands of our new Global CEO. It will cover the creation and delivery of an IT strategy, how we leveraged key supplier relationships, how we used Gartner, how we have allowed innovation and ensured a return on shareholder funds.


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Rachel Higham


Managing Director of IT & MD of Asia BT Technology

An Expedition to Transform IT

For an IT organization to move from evolving in generational leaps to one that continuously evergreens, requires a significant shift in mindset. In this session Rachel Higham, MD of IT at BT, will share the approaches the company has taken to inspire a culture, expectation and behaviour shift that underpins the whole scale transformation of its IT organisation.


In this session we will share some of the approaches BT has taken to inspire a culture, mindset and behavior shift that underpins the wholescale transformation of its IT organisation.


Join us for this conversation on the many aspects of IT leadership. 

Nigel Watson


Group Information Services Director Northumberland Water Ltd

InnovationFestival.org - What’s a Utility Company Doing Running an Innovation Festival?

A water company isn’t necessarily the first place you would look when it comes to innovation. However, by any measure Northumbrian Water Group are really pushing new boundaries in this burgeoning field. They have been using Design Thinking for more than three years, running more than 50 sprints in that time to solve some of their most complex problems. They have also hosted 7 data hacks, attracting up to 100 data scientists at a time to compete for the best insight. The apogee of their efforts is their annual Innovation Festival – Glastonbury “without the sex and mud” in the words of Nigel Watson who is the founder and sponsor of the 5-day event.


Come and hear what drives Northumbrian to lead in innovation and what barriers they are working to overcome as they strive to become the most digital water company in the world.


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The Northern Ireland Government Digital Transformation Story

Caron has more than 30 years’ experience in the UK public sector, and is Director of Digital Shared Services for Northern Ireland Government and Head of the NI Civil Service IT profession.


Caron will outline the successful 5 year journey to realise the Northern Ireland Government vision to ‘make citizen services better’. She will cover the pace of delivery, the barriers to change and how these were overcome, the shift in service delivery culture and share plans for what’s next.


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Damian Smith


Head of IT England and Wales Cricket Board

How Cricket Innovates by using Cloud, Big Data, AI and ML

Damian has been building information systems and transforming organisations for more than twenty-five years, in a range of sectors including Defence, Telecoms, FMCG, Sports, Media, Financial Services and Financial Regulation. Damian is Head of IT at the England and Wales Cricket Board. Before Damian realised that his future lay in information technology, he ran pubs, climbed mountains and starred as a body double for Tom Cruise in Hollywood movies.


Not always the first organisation that springs to mind when thinking about digital innovation, the England and Wales Cricket Board has been on a transformation of its own over the last few years to becoming an evidence-based, data-driven organisation from top to bottom. In this CIO Story, Damian will take us through this journey describing some of the successes and challenges, as well as the tools and technologies that have got them this far, and what the future holds for sport and the sport of cricket.


Join us for this conversation on the many aspects of IT leadership. 

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