Dhawal Parekh
Guest Speaker

Dhawal Parekh

IT B2B Development Director
Dhawal Parekh is the Director of Software Development at British Telecom’s Technology IT division, where he leads the multi-disciplinary software engineering teams and partner ecosystems to run and build software systems for BT’s customers across Global and Enterprise business units. Dhawal has been instrumental in defining a new model that helps track increases in cost efficiency and throughput of software delivered by BT Technology and partner teams; whilst delivering the right engineering and business outcomes.
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Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 10:15 AM|Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 11:15 AM
CIO Story Roundtable: A New Approach to Tracking Software Cost Efficiency and Throughput

Tracking efficiency of cost and throughput for software development continues to be a challenge for large enterprises which tend to have large outsourcing arrangements with multiple partners. In this session, we will share an analytics-oriented approach called ATOM (A Technology Output Measure) that BT Technology has taken to overcome these challenges. Adopting this model with the right governance and tooling has given our business units a standard engagement model with accompanying metrics to understand how the software engineering & delivery function delivers high quality software and adapt to changing business demand, while demonstrating tangible cost efficiencies.
For our partner teams, this has driven greater accountability for the delivery outcomes, and able to exercise greater autonomy on staffing levels and resource mix.
The ATOM Metrics are also correlated with other software KPIs (e.g. code quality, devops maturity, defect density), to ensure that customer experience and business value delivered by IT continue to improve alongside increased efficiency and throughput.

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