John Sanei

John Sanei

Trend & Innovation Specialist
John Sanei is a best-selling author, global speaker and trend specialist with a holistic approach to achieving future-readiness. By combining aspects of human psychology, business strategy and future studies, John elicits the courage, clarity and focus that enables uncomfortable decision-making. With over 20 years of experience in a diverse array of industries, John has developed a toolkit of methodologies that facilitate trend contextualisation and business innovation. Whether it comes down to corporate decision making, workshop facilitation, writing books, vlogging or lecturing, he encourages individuals to ask bigger, bolder questions about themselves and how they fit into the future. John is also a Faculty Member of Duke Corporate Education and Singularity University.
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Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 09:00 AM|Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 10:00 AM
Guest Keynote: Foresight — Future Leadership

It’s essential that we rethink, re-evaluate and redesign the notion of leadership to match the increasing business and organisational complexity facing businesses and employees today. Unlock and adopt the leadership mindset a future shaper, a bold creator and a forever learner.

Key insights:

* Differentiate between management and leadership
* Understand the future leadership traits for winning
* Shift your organisation’s behaviour to become future ready

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