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Customer Experience leaders have a critical role to play in the organization to stay relevant in a continuously competitive battlefield. At Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2019, we covered a full view of the customer experience world: what's relevant, what's new and what the future holds.



We have four tracks dedicated to your priorities:



Building Foundation

This track will help you kick-start your CX initiatives in all aspects of your organization. We will examine how to build and maintain a customer vision and strategy, whether customers are consumers. businesses or whether delivery is direct or indirect. We will then explore how to measure, govern and architect the technology needed to support that strategy. This track also features the impact of your strategy on your organization and departments, as well as individual employees. This track will then explore the path of the cultural change to a fully customer-driven organization.

Powering Innovation

After taking the first steps in your CX initiatives, this track is focussed on embracing new emerging technologies and digital design capabilities to deliver AI-powered CX, as well as more personalized customer journey’s. This track will also take a closer look at customer analytics and how to deliver the dream of a customer 360 view, including those initiatives you need to think about regarding the overall employee experience.

Driving Transformation

Many organizations are on their digital transformation journey, and some have been for a number of years. As you make progress with your CX initiatives, you also need to ensure your customer strategy is future proof. Digital Business is driving an overall business model change and this track will examine how to re-architect your CX technologies for the success of the digital business.

Gaining Trust

Around the world, customer experience quality has largely stalled. Multiple data sources show that customer confidence is up, spending is up, and expectations are rising as consumers interact with brands more than ever. But the data also shows that trust in companies has dropped precipitously. This track will discuss data capturing, access to data, authenticity, transparency, and accountability, AI Ethics and the importance of Customer Success to (re)gain trust.

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