Gartner Customer Experience & Technologies Summit 2020

New for 2020

  • Win with CX in the turns thriving in uncertain times
  • Practitioner moderated roundtables and meetups
  • New guest keynotes
    • Susan Greenfield, British scientist, writer, broadcaster, member of the House of Lords and expert on the human mind and renowned brain researcher
    • Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science, Head of Department in Psychological and Behavioural Science and Director of Executive MSc Behavioural Science

Join 700+ CX leaders this June and learn how to:

  • Identify the right service design behind digital engagements in Customer Service, Sales and Digital Commerce.
  • Understand how to use AI and machine learning to deliver a fantastic experience.
  • Use customer journey design and monitoring to advance CX.
  • Unlock the real business value in your customer data.
  • Design B2C and B2B CX strategies with “moments of truth".
  • Develop a CX strategy that meets individual preferences as well as universal demands.
  • Shift from just adopting technology to focusing on employee engagement.
  • Develop a clear CX vision and strategy in your organization.
  • Deliver a seamless experience, regardless of which channel a customer chooses to use.
  • Provide personalized customer interaction across a multichannel environment.