Develop a Customer-Centric CX strategy that meets individual preferences as well as universal demands.

Creating great experiences for the “everything customer” comes with being engaged continuously, and with empathy.

To enable you to win in the turns and address change fatigue, this track will help you understand how to shift from just adopting technology to focusing on employee engagement, and how to develop a CX strategy that meets individual preferences as well as universal demands.  

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Organizations recognize the importance of great customer experience but are often challenged to identify why the employee experience is equally critical.

Application leaders involved in CX projects must recognize how employees impact the customer experience and the necessary steps to improve the employee experience.

Learn how to improve employee experience by utilizing empathy, employee journey mapping and identify the factors that influence employee experience. 

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Turn your employees into brand advocates and improve customer experience by identifying how employee experience can impact your organization.

Customer service and support leaders report customer expectations are rising. As a result, they must now strive to meet these elevated expectations.

Join your peers this year to understand what customers’ service expectations are in today’s world and the new CX technology and trends being leveraged to meet these expectations. Leave with a clear strategy to continue meeting these expectations in the future.

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Learn how to identify not only where service overperformers, but also underperforms, relative to customer expectations and meet you customers heightened expectations.

Despite a mandate to create a differentiated and innovative customer experience (CX) strategy and vision that will drive business growth, a lot of CX leaders struggle to design projects that successfully increase customer loyalty and achieve business results.

Discover how to base strategic CX decision making with the right insight, processes and vision to create positive CX outcomes and a more customer-centric culture.

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Learn how to formulate and gain acceptance for your CX strategy, vision and design by all business units and deliver a superior or world-class customer experience.

As we enter increasingly uncertain times, customer experience has become one of the primary battleground's for competing businesses.

Learn about the new CX technologies and best practices needed to to reinforce your strategy and its associated operational, customer experience and employee experience aspirations.

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By 2022, Gartner predicts that 70% of all customer interactions will involve technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots and mobile messaging, up from 15% in 2018.

Gartner predicts, 2020

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