Build your customer data management, customer analytics, and privacy vs personalization strategy.

Knowing the customer requires that organizations be both customer-centric and data-centric.

Privacy delivers the personal data that enables the optimum level of customer knowledge of what customers say and don’t say.

In this track, we will explain customer data management, customer analytics, and privacy vs personalization strategy to help you stay relevant and maximize investments.

Focus Topic Areas (click to expand)

Weighing up privacy and personalization to effectively engage customers remains a challenge, with many organisations still failing to find a balance.

Learn where other companies are in their endeavours to personalize customer experiences and manage privacy concerns based on leading CX research from Gartner.

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Determine whether your organization is leading or lagging when it comes to balancing privacy and personalisation and fill the gaps to deliver enhanced customer experience.

Many organizations have already, or are now in the process of introducing customer engagement hubs, however are facing inherent complications based on pre-existing application portfolios and legacy applications.

Discover how you can design your customer engagement hub with real-time capability and deliver a continuous experience for your customers.


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To deliver an end-to-end customer experience across channels and departments, application leaders supporting CRM and customer experience need to bridge organizational gaps and help build a customer engagement hub.

Customer service organizations are using interaction-based scenarios that focus on giving visibility over customer information (in other words, a 360 degree view) and optimizing rules and processes that frame the steps within each interaction (workflow rules). 

Your organization needs to have a holistic, 360-degree view of your customers to provide next best actions and personalization on a one-to-one basis.

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Organizations need customer 360 insights for two mission-critical priorities: optimization of the CX and digital transformation.

Increasing customer expectations and the growth of digital business continue to place pressure on organizations to deliver real-time, contextualised customer experiences for competitive advantage.

Learn how recent technology advances have made it cost-effective to apply real-time analytics to high-volume event data to make faster and better decisions.

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Give your CX team the skills necessary to develop their own custom-built, integrated continuous intelligence solutions and boost CX with real-time analytics.

Large organizations will often use more than 50 CX metrics, and no organization uses the same combination.

To simplify this environment, application leaders supporting CX initiatives must understand employee engagement, quality, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy — and how to manage them.

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Stop focusing all your energy on Customer satisfaction, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer effort score (CES) - Identify whether the metric you measure really relates to the customer experience or not.

Organizations failing to leverage the feedback economy are missing a vital opportunity to gather insightful customer data and improve CX.

Learn how to find your customers online, navigate within the feedback economy and leverage AI and machine learning to take action.

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Discover how to use feedback to quantify customer sentiment and perceptions, identify improvement opportunities, understand the customer journey and measure the impact of CX projects

Want to dig deeper? Discuss Customer Experience Management in depth during a 30-minute one-on-one meeting* with a Gartner Expert, a few experts on this topic include: