Redefine your CX ecosystem with the latest CX trends and technology.

Empowering your CX ecosystems to deliver easy, rewarding AI-powered, conversation-enabled and inclusive multi-experiences at every touchpoint.

In this track we’ll discuss how you can use technology to bring your customers closer, not further away.

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You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so the need for capturing customer feedback at key interaction points along the customer journey is greater than ever. A properly implemented VoC platform helps identify the most pressing opportunities for CX enhancement.

Instead of satisfying all customer demands, analyse the VoC determined true customer needs.

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With a variety of VoC sources and high volume of customer data, customer service and support leaders struggle to separate core customer needs from “nice-to-haves.”

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) are at the core of increasingly complicated, extensive and connected technology landscapes.

To deliver more than just websites and mobile applications, your organization needs to deliver highly contextualised experiences for your customers.

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CX professionals responsible for multiple customer channels can use DXP capabilities to create consistency across interactions and a connected digital experiences.

Chatbots and virtual assistants have reached peak interest in the enterprise as the most common uses for AI. With so much hype around this technology, an increasing number of CX leaders are under pressure to include them in the wider CX strategy, despite lacking knowledge of best practice.

To improve customer experience, avoid pitfalls and reduce costs, application leaders need to choose the right conversational platform as the enabling technology for developing chatbots and VAs.

Understand the progress being made by conversational platforms, the barriers to their adoption, anddiscover the next steps you need to take to overcome those barriers.

The contact center is critical to meeting the organizational objectives of delivering consistent, intelligent and personalized customer experiences, irrespective of the customer engagement channel.
Learn how to use an application ecosystem approach to investing in contact center vendor technology that can power improvements by offering fluid and easy access to features and benefits.

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By 2025, the contact center organization will be exploiting the benefits of an application ecosystem and tools to better equip staff to work in teams.

Gartner predicts, 2020

Business and architectural models for digital commerce continue to evolve. Application leaders responsible for digital commerce technologies must anticipate the changing landscape by adapting their strategies, practices and roadmaps.

Take advantage of digital commerce solutions that allow for flexibility in deployment models. Evaluate and adopt new payment methods and systems for both B2B and B2C customers. Understand and exploit the opportunities that are present in existing customer pain points.

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By 2023, prices for B2C digital commerce platforms will be 30% less than in 2019 due to feature commoditization and headless implementations.

Gartner predicts, 2020

Your organization does not need an "AI" — it needs solutions to business issues.

Do you know where to start your AI journey to enhance the customer experience?

Application leaders supporting customer experience must have a firm grasp on how to elevate AI CX initiatives into a clear business case that optimizes business outcomes and enhances the customer experience.

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By 2022, 20% of customer service will be handled by conversational agents.

Gartner predicts, 2020

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