Build a Customer Experience Journey Map to enhance trust and loyalty.

Digital society creates the impression of being always on, always connected to the ‘everything customer’. But, you can’t achieve a positive experience without knowing the customer.

This track looks into how to capture the expected and unexpected customer journeys, generational differences (including CX for Generation Z) and gaining trust of each customer group to achieve the best CX.

Gain the expertise, tools and insight into building effective customer journey maps to understand your 'everything customer' and drive ROI in your CX initiatives.

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The everything customer expects multiexperience, not omnichannel. As a CX leader, it's time you get moving towards multiexperience.

Learn about the ways that a multiexperience platform and mindset can satisfy the demands of the “everything customer“ and drive long term ROI on your CX initiatives.

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Understand when and how to engage the emerging “everything customer” through both human and digital interactions while remaining consistent, effortless and personalized.

Customer journey maps are an essential component of the CX framework, but many still struggle to create actionable, insight-driven customer journey maps.
If you are focusing on a process-centric view, you will inhibit the understanding of customers’ experiences and as a result fail to understand and respond to the emotional aspects of customers’ interactions.
Learn how to build data-supported journey maps and benefit from a reduction in escalated service issues and increased satisfaction among both service agents and customers.

Journey maps that are not produced with involvement from across the organization suffer from a lack of varied perspectives, fail to reflect a holistic representation of the customer’s entire journey, and often struggle to gain broad acceptance and consensus.

Many companies are looking to CX to differentiate their brand and strengthen their customer relationships. To do this, they must first build a deep understanding of customer feelings, attitudes, and behaviors. This includes:
  • The relationship between the customer experience and a customer's stated loyalty.
  • The factors that explain a customer's stated loyalty and their relative importance.
  • How these factors influence customer behavior.

CX leaders can use the insights generated in at this summit to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between CX and a customer's stated trust and loyalty.

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Through 2022, customer trust will replace customer experience (CX) as the foremost strategic term for positioning and messaging of differentiated services.

Gartner predicts, 2020

Gen Z is growing up, graduating and entering the workforce. They're true digital natives who utilize their tech prowess and problem-solving skills to confidently navigate life in today’s world. While clearly a new breed of consumer, members of Gen Z manifest the stamp of their Xer and Millennial parents by embracing a positive self-image and prioritizing experiences over objects.

Learn how you can analyze the “why” driving the “what” and uncover actionable insights to improve customer exprience for Gen Z customers and improve loyalty and retention.

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Is your organization demonstrating Gen-Z-level seamless movement across digital and IRL, honing thoughtful and personal messaging, and engaging social issues?

Want to dig deeper? Discuss Customer Experience Management (CXM) in depth during a 30-minute one-on-one meeting* with a Gartner Expert, a few experts on this topic include: