Master service design across all channels to deliver consistently exceptional CX.

What is multiexperience?

Multiexperience refers to the design of various permutations of modality (touch, voice and gesture), device and app with which customers interact on their digital journeys across diverse touchpoints.

This tracks looks into the service design of these digital engagements in Customer Service, Sales and Digital Commerce.

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Customers are no longer loyal to individual channels. Organizations looking to build strong relationships and improve customer experience must link an increasing number of discrete data points into a single, unified and meaningful customer journey.

Uncover the methods you need to develop customer journey maps, leverage journey analytics and take action to improve your CX.

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Gartner research shows that B2B customers follow a nonlinear journey while completing the critical buying tasks that precede a purchase. Join us and learn how to build a map of the buying journey that reflects the customers’ perspective.

For digital business, great CX depends on building tailored multiexperience journeys that reduce UX friction by making the most of new digital touchpoints and interaction modalities.

For digital customer journeys, where engagement across apps, devices and interaction modalities is common, a multiexperience mindset is needed.

Learn how you can consolidate your digital engagement channels and leverage each data point to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

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By 2022, 50% of large organizations will have still failed to unify engagement channels resulting in the continuation of a disjointed and siloed customer experience that lacks context.

Gartner predicts, 2020

As a customer service and support leader, you should be striving to serve your customers via an expanding number of service channels, whilst offering the same high level of customer care.

However, you are at risk of overcomplicating the customer service experience through offering channels that are poorly suited and incurring unnecessary costs.

Discover how you can improve service design whilst cutting costs and leverage the latest CX technology trends to improve both employee and customer experience.

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Learn how to prioritize your projects based on underleveraged development areas that are also highly valuable for the organization whilst balancing costs against the customer service experience.

Want to dig deeper? Discuss Customer Experience Management in depth during a 30-minute one-on-one meeting* with a Gartner Expert, a few experts on this topic include: