Audit your CX: 7 customer experience project types you could be running

Many companies are running different types of project to improve the customer experience, each with unique challenges.

Here, we have condensed over 500 projects clustered into 54 categories into 7 project types.

Audit your CX projects with this document to:

  • Inventory ongoing and planned projects, across business domains, that aim to improve the CX, to identify which of the 7 types of CX project your organization has already invested in or committed to.
  • Study this document to learn about other types of CX project that you might want to implement.
  • Recommend that the board of directors consolidate the inventoried projects into one CX initiative to simplify and coordinate the overall approach.
  • Suggest the appointment of a head of CX, if you don't already have one, and report to the board regularly.
  • Propose the creation of a team or department to coordinate CX activities. Staff it with people skilled in analysis, process quality improvement and brand strategy.

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