Gartner CRM Framework: 8 Building Blocks for CRM Projects

Customer relationship management (CRM) programs require a proven framework to ensure that projects are approached on a balanced, integrated and strategic basis. Applying this framework will help CX leaders responsible for CRM projects to reduce the risk of failure.

Key Challenges

  • Many organizations still view CRM as a technology deployment project rather than a business strategy. CX leaders responsible for CRM must convince sales, marketing or customer service business leaders to take ownership of driving the program.
  • Too many CX leaders neglect one or more aspects of CRM — vision, strategy, customer experience, organizational collaboration, processes, information and insight, technology, and metrics — resulting in suboptimal business benefits.
  • The building blocks that pose the greatest challenge are not technological, but instead are organizational collaboration, metrics and having a clear strategy. CX leaders are rarely responsible for these aspects of a project, but must make sure they are being addressed or risk being blamed for the resultant program failure.

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