Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Futurist, Innovation Strategist,
Founder of Thinque,

Guest Keynote: Weaving Digital & Analogue Worlds

11:15 - 12:00 | 22 May

The world is filled with friction. Everywhere we go we experience the frictive effects of badly designed “seams”. 
Smart brands understand that the future of customer service, great customer experience and the creation of raving fans, lies in their ability to design seamless transitions between physical and digital channels, and to deliberately and empathetically remove friction from our lives.
In a future of the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence, the ability of leaders and brands to go ‘seamless’ will distinguish the winners from the losers.


Rodney Assock

Operational Services Director,
LV= General Insurance 

Case Study: LV= General Insurance: Creating a Culture for Customer Excellence

10:45-11:30 | 23 May

LV= General Insurance’s vision to be Britain’s Best-Loved has inspired its people to focus on the right things to deliver what matters most to Customers.  A number of key initiatives aligned to a clear strategy and set of core Values have transformed how the organization thinks and operates.

This session will focus on:                                                                                                                                

  • Creating a top-down-bottom-up approach to engage employees in delivering the business strategy
  • How a mindset has been established to re-design ways of working centered around Customer needs
  • Complementing service delivery through people with technology

Luca Pronzati

Chief Business Innovation Officer
MSC Cruises

Case Study: MSC CruiseS -  Voice-enabled Digital Cruise Personal Assistant: how to Revolutionize the Guest Experience Paradigm, by Leveraging on A.I. and Machine Learning Technologies.

09:00-09:30 | 23 May

Mr. Pronzati will introduce the Digital Cruise Personal Assistant, driving the audience across the discovery of this innovative compelling project from its inception to its completion. He will illustrate, also by means of engaging slides and inspiring videos, the foundation of this new advanced platform: why it has been conceived,  what were the vision and the related strategy. He will then focus on how it has been implemented: what was the device designing process MSC went through, how did the company manage to record thousands of questions on-board and how were defined their answers to build the first cruise library; how the platform was tested and trained in order to constantly increase its reliability.

More guest speakers coming soon

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