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Watch These Data and Analytics Challenges and Trends

Data and analytics fuel digital business and plays a major role in the future survivial of organizations worldwide. Gartner Senior Director Analyst Jorgen Heizenberg outlines the current opportunities and challenges facing data and analytics leaders around the world.

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Key Trends of Advanced Analytics

The excitement around advanced analytics is increasing, as evidenced by growing market figures and mergers and acquisitions activity. This webinar will help you navigate existing technologies, upcoming trends and user adoption.

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Gartner Predicts

  • By 2021, distributed, semantic processing for data management and integration will neutralize location of data as a dominant planning constraint for information strategies.
  • By 2020, most data and analytics use cases will require connecting to distributed data sources, leading enterprises to double their investments in metadata management.
  • By 2022, 60% of data and analytics cloud vendors will use only third party infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions and will stop running their own infrastructure, up from 30% doing this today.

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Track C. Pervasive Analytics: Grow the Value of Analytics Everywhere

Digital business calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision and action. Data and analytics investments are increasingly driven by line-of-business leaders, and analytics everywhere is the new digital business imperative. A necessary condition of success is the ability to form partnerships between business and data and analytics teams. This track addresses how to make analytics scale, be pervasive and domain-specific, with topics including augmented analytics, embedded analytics, continuous analytics and supply chain analytics, customer analytics, HR analytics and IoT analytics.

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