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Data literacy at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023

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In an environment where data-driven decision making is more important than ever, data literacy — the ability to understand, share common knowledge of and have meaningful conversations about data — is crucial to digital dexterity and achieving business success. To seamlessly guide their organizations into the future, data and analytics leaders must foster a data‑literate workforce.

Explore how D&A leaders can drive a data-centric culture through focusing efforts on data literacy.

How to Measure the Value of Data Literacy

Data literacy is a new business competency and a requirement for digital dexterity. The role of the data and analytics function has changed. It is now at the core of an organization’s business model and digital platform. Yet only a minority of respondents to the Gartner Annual CDO Survey indicated that they define and track metrics to measure the value delivered by data and analytics in terms of stakeholder outcomes.

D&A leaders including chief data and analytics officers must step up and use these example data literacy metrics as the basis for communicating the value of fostering a data-literate workforce, by way of strong leadership.

Data literacy is covered in depth at this year’s conference. Seats are filling fast. View Agenda

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