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Data and analytics strategy at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023

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In today’s rapidly evolving world, data and analytics (D&A) are a critical component to the success of any enterprise and are instrumental in creating a concrete, measurable impact on business outcomes. Chief data and analytics officers (CDAOs) and D&A leaders should build an agile, resilient data strategy that makes D&A central to the organization.

Gain the insight needed to build and execute a D&A strategy that meets the dynamic needs of businesses today.

Creating a Modern, Actionable Data and Analytics Strategy That Delivers Business Outcomes

The purpose of data and analytics is first and foremost creating a concrete and measurable impact on business outcomes. In this resource for CDAOs and D&A leaders, gain the knowledge needed to create a modern D&A strategy consisting of four parallel workstreams to ensure maximum business value.

Data and analytics strategy is covered in depth at this year’s conference. Seats are filling fast. View Agenda

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