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Data literacy skills are a new requirement for all employees in digital business. While public-sector leaders increasingly recognize the inherent need for data-driven decision making, knowing how to drive business benefits and outcomes can be difficult. 

To learn how to realize tangible business value through data analytics, download the research report, Drive Business Outcomes by Measuring the Value of Data Literacy.

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    List of recommended sessions covering public-sector leaders’ top priorities:

    • Technical Insights: Developing an Effective Cloud D&A Migration Strategy
    • Smart Analytics for Even Smarter Cost Optimization
    • How to Measure and Communicate the Value of Data Literacy
    • How to Attract, Sustain and Retain Talent for Your Data, Analytics and AI Teams
    • Data Storytelling: A Better Way to Engage Decision Makers With Data
    • Responsible AI: From Bias and Privacy to Compliance and Risk Management
    • Twelve Actions to Improve and Sustain Your Data Quality
    • AI Implementation: The Path Toward a Greener Future

    Gartner Data & Analytics Summit offers a public-sector price for our 2023 conference.

    Public-sector price: €2,975

    Eligibility for the public-sector price will be verified; proof of public-sector status will be required. Price cannot be applied retroactively. “Public sector” definition: National government, state or local government, public administration.