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Giles Pavey
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Giles Pavey

Global Data Science Director
Giles Pavey is Global Data Science Director at the multinational consumer good company Unilever. His role is to build data science capability across the business – including forecasting demand for factories, optimising marketing investments, understanding consumer sentiment, and driving sustainable logistics. Recently, Giles has been leading Unilever’s work on AI Assurance – making sure that the company’s AI systems are both ethic and effective. Giles has been leading analytic and data science teams for over 20 years across the globe.
Giles is Honorary Professor of Computer Science at UCL where he is Chair of the AI Industrial Advisory Group.
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Tuesday, 23 May, 2023 / 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM BST
Case Study Presentation by Unilever: AI Assurance – Managing Risks to Embrace AI

To deliver on their corporate aims, businesses have to do more with less - AI is the foremost tool in this journey but it has to be responsible AI. Companies need AI assurance in order to push the barriers of possibility within the guardrails of responsibility. In this session we will cover how Unilever thinks about the risks inherent in AI and how it has built an AI assurance process to systematically identify and mitigate exposure to regulatory, reputational, and financial risk that can occur from the use of artificial intelligence systems.

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