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Svetlana Sicular

Svetlana Sicular

VP Analyst
Svetlana Sicular is a thought leader at the intersection of data and AI. She is convinced that a human plus AI is smarter than either by themselves. Ms. Sicular really cares about helping organizations achieve digital transformation by using AI to implement breakthrough business ideas. Her current research interests focus on AI and ML; data-centric AI, the ongoing shift to decision intelligence; responsible AI and AI governance; and the most exciting part of machine learning and artificial intelligence - the human.
Ms. Sicular pioneered responsible AI, AI governance, augmented intelligence and big data research at Gartner. She developed important, now commonly recognized ideas: multidisciplinary data science teams, the role of Chief Data Officer, data & analytics governance in the age of AI and personal analytics.
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Tuesday, 23 May, 2023 / 10:00 AM - 10:20 AM BST
Hype Cycle: Artificial Intelligence

The AI hype is accelerating, driven by ChatGPT, foundation models and generative AI. AI is a hot topic of discussion across business, government and society, making the task of identifying AI innovations with real business utility challenging. Use the AI hype cycle to strategically plan their AI initiatives for success.

Wednesday, 24 May, 2023 / 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM BST
Responsible AI: From Bias and Privacy to Compliance and Risk Management

The responsible, ethical use of AI is essential to its success. This session will not only explore the meaning of responsible AI, but will also address the integral approach that is needed to make responsible AI practical, including topics like digital ethics, risk management, bias mitigation, privacy protection, governance, skills, guidelines and tool support for AI practitioners.

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