Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Tracks Overview

Data and analytics leaders must rewire and rethink the core of their organization’s culture in order to drive the transformation needed to propel their organizations forward into a successful, AI-augmented future.

Get the insights you need at Gartner Data & Analytic Summit,. We have 6 tracks and 3 spotlight tracks dedicated to your priorities. View the 2020 tracks and sessions below.

Culture is often the biggest barrier to success.  Leadership, culture and the organization are now core to the data and analytics leader’s purview. A necessary condition of success is the ability to inspire everyone in the organization to align to your shared vision.  Forming partnerships between business and data & analytics teams is now more pressing than ever.

Learn how to drive innovation, create compelling narratives, build and manage creative teams, rewire your culture, skills and roles development, close talent gaps, address data literacy and communicate value, and experience what successful leaders, such as chief data officers do.

Businesses across all industries must assess, prioritize and communicate the value of data and analytics. The strategic use of data and analytics is a critical element to an organization’s competitiveness and in many cases, its very survival.  

This track discusses how data and analytics drives the mission critical priorities of the business and   how to select and prioritize the right set of data and analytics investments and how to design a strategy and operating model their ensure success.  The best ways to justify and communicate the value of the investments you need to make to other business leaders, making the business case, selecting the right metrics, best practices from successful organizations for creating business value, and monetizing data and digital ethics are all critical topics covered.

Trust and governance form the foundation of robust data and analytics strategies – for customers, partners, and employees. As all forms of analytics, and in particular,  Artificial Intelligence permeates the organization, having in place trusted but agile data governance practices, processes, frameworks and protocols in place are critical to data and analytics leaders’ success. 

Gain guidance and best practices for adaptive enterprise data, analytics and AI governance, data quality, data catalogs, master and application data, best practices around digital ethics, trusted data sharing, Master Data Management, making privacy and security a growth driver, and regulatory compliance. 

The heightened competitive demands of digital business calls for analytics to be infused in every role, business process, decision and action.  Data & analytics leaders need to understand how to expand their organizations use of analytics for greatest impact and effect without compromising quality, integrity and trust.

Learn how to make analytics fundamental to all parts of the business in a trusted way. It discusses the latest trends — data storytelling, augmented analytics, the convergence of analytics and BI and data science, embedded analytics and continuous, real-time analytics.

Undergoing digital transformation means putting data at the core of the enterprise, transitioning from being data-driven to being data-centric. Visionary leaders understand the necessity of fitting the pieces of this complex technology puzzle together to form a cohesive architecture for future digital success.

See how to draw the disparate pieces together with a focus on enabling technology components such as cloud, analytics infrastructure, data lakes, data warehouses, data hubs, data fabrics, the information architecture of the future, integration, data preparation, blockchain, and more.

While operationalizing data science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is daunting, it is an imperative to achieving business value. Developing an understanding of the strategies and technologies in this space is vital to deliver business value.

Understand the latest technology trends, what’s real, what’s hype, organizational requirements, skills development and talent recruiting needed for successful deployment, and the all-important business impact of these advanced data and analytics capabilities.

For organizations to execute on their data and analytics strategies, a deep technical understanding is needed to successfully select, develop, deploy and scale data and analytics initiatives.

This track delivers actionable, technical insights into the best practices, methodologies such as DataOps, and tools needed to ensure deployment success. It provides advice on the pitfalls to avoid when scaling deployments of data and analytics in and beyond the enterprise and across the cloud.

Harnessing innovative technologies to change business models and define new ways to interact with and serve customers, partners suppliers and employees is high on the agenda for forward-looking leaders.

This track explores the emerging trends and approaches   that will change your the business and should not be ignored. Topics covered include, using machines to tell data stories, the future of cloud, AI and content analytics, how to innovate with AI, graph and relationship analytics, process mining, immersive analytics, and blockchain, among others.

For many organizations high-quality, high-integrity master data is foundational to their data and analytics strategy as well as capability. Yet master data alone does not provide for the needs of the business. It is always a combination of master, application data, analytics and content brought together in a deliberate way to meet target use cases that deliver value — and do so across the whole of the enterprise.

This spotlight track places MDM in the broader context of data and analytics by virtue of being embedded in each of the primary tracks. It addresses the fundamentals of MDM as well as advanced topics including the business value of MDM, practical MDM, MDM and digital commerce and growing complexities with MDM in the cloud as more and more business applications and analytics are distributed on multiple clouds and on premises.

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