Join a global community of digital workplace leaders preparing for the new normal and beyond

Whether you’re leading a digital workplace strategy, an IT leader driving new technologies in the workplace, or an architect supporting the redesign of the workplace experience, we have something for you at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit.

This conference is designed for digital workplace leaders, architects, application leaders and IT leaders. View sessions aligned to your role:

Our agenda has sessions covering digital workplace strategy, remote and hybrid work, the future of work and much more for your role.

Here are some sessions in our agenda just for you:

  • Clinic: Six Step Playbook to Optimize Software and SaaS Negotiations
  • Ask the Expert: Discuss the Challenges of Microsoft Teams Adoption
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Adoption Solution Investment
  • The Best Practices to Make Innovation Successful in Your Organization

Our agenda covers topics such as secure and flexible infrastructure, remote and hybrid work, collaboration tools and platforms, and much more to help you align technology to the business and stay ahead of the curve.

Here are some sessions in our agenda just for you:

  • Harnessing the Power of Workplace Analytics
  • Collaboration Use Cases for Virtual and Augmented Reality in a Pandemic
  • Smart Workplace Automation Is Not (Only) About Robots
  • Top 20 Gotchas of Microsoft 365
  • Streamline Workplace Infrastructure and Support for Increased Remote Work

Our agenda covers a plethora of hot topics such as digital workplace strategy, employee experience and the future of work to prepare your workforce for the next normal and beyond.

Here are some sessions in our agenda just for you:

  • How to Effectively Manage Hybrid Workers in a Distributed Workplace
  • Adapt the IT Operating Model to Deliver Indispensable Digital Workplace Services
  • Product Mindset for Digital Workplace Leaders
  • The Post-COVID Future of Work