Use it or lose it! You’ve got a Gartner conference ticket

As part of your Gartner services, your organization is entitled to receive Gartner conference ticket(s).* As a ticket holder, you may attend a Gartner conference at no cost.

Your conference ticket is the key to two days jam-packed with research-based sessions, guest keynotes and case studies, plus:  

  • Networking during and after the conference
  • One-on-one meetings with Gartner experts
  • Interactive workshops and Ask the Expert sessions
  • Personalized agenda planning
  • Access to all exhibitors in the Exhibitor Engagement Zone

Have questions? Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding conference tickets.

Can't attend on those days? Get on-demand access to all recorded sessions 90 days after the conference.

What’s included

How do I register?

Registration is easy. Visit the Registration page, log in with your Gartner account and enter your ticket number.

What if I don’t know my ticket number?

Check your email. Your ticket number was included in the email you recently received with the subject line: Your Gartner conference ticket is expiring, [first name]!

Do tickets expire?

Yes, Gartner conference tickets have an expiration date. Check with your account executive or Gartner representative on when your ticket expires. Tickets must be redeemed for a conference before the expiration date.

What if I can’t attend the conference?

All tickets are transferable to a colleague within your organization.

Get insights into:

  • Developing a digital workplace strategy that builds upon new hybrid working patterns and readies the workforce to address new challenges with agility and resilience. 
  • Creating frictionless and empowering employee experiences that enable leadership to foster positive culture change. 
  • Establishing a secure, stable and adaptive infrastructure to support the foundation of an anywhere workplace.  
  • Advancing your organization’s priorities by leveraging innovations in workplace technologies like automation, collaboration, and artificial intelligence to deliver new experiences and drive user adoption.