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Lane Severson
Gartner keynote

Lane Severson

Sr Director Analyst
Lane Severson is a Senior Director, analyst within the Digital Workplace division. Mr. Severson is an expert on Future of Digital Workplace Trends and technology as well as digital employee experience and workstyle analytics.
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Monday, 15 May, 2023 / 09:30 AM - 10:15 AM BST
Keynote: Change Today to Change Tomorrow

The future of work is here, but the problems of yesterday — fatigue, information chaos, and friction — are too. Despite organizations enabling more flexibility and choice, why does data show it is harder than ever for employees to accomplish meaningful work? This keynote explores Gartner data, case studies and technology insights to reveal three ways digital workplace leaders can build a better workplace.

Monday, 15 May, 2023 / 02:30 PM - 03:00 PM BST
Crossroads: Should You Mandate a Return to the Office?

The whole world is at a crossroads of a highly polarized debate on the future of work. How can we reshape how we work together when each person has a unique point of view? Join us as Gartner experts consider, discuss and debate this provocative question.

Tuesday, 16 May, 2023 / 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM BST
Prediction Playground for Digital Employee Experience

Analysts speaking for DEX-relevant predictions describe the scenario that emerges if they all come true. Don't miss this lively, unscripted session in which analysts imagine the future they're charting from the present.

Tuesday, 16 May, 2023 / 04:00 PM - 04:30 PM BST
Transform Digital Employee Experience With Workstyle Analytics

Productivity paranoia is rising. Workers are logging more hours with flexible working, but business leaders still feel like they are losing productivity. Workstyle analytics is a data-driven method to identify digital friction impacting worker performance and organizational productivity while protecting employee privacy. This session will share the tools and competencies you need to get started.

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