Meet the NEW Conference Chair for Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2019

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Michael Woodbridge

Michael Woodbridge

Sr Director Analyst

Mike Woodbridge is a Senior Director Analyst within Gartner’s content insights and legal group. His main focus is on how content related technologies support digital workplace initiatives. This includes detailed analysis of markets such as content collaboration platforms (CCP) and content services platforms (CSP) but also spans the wider set view of technologies and strategies that are a key component of the drive to modernize work and increase digital dexterity. 


He is currently a regular co-author of Hypecycle for the Digital Workplace and chair of Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit in London. Prior to joining Gartner, he worked for a number of global consultancy organisations helping clients implement collaboration focussed technology. He draws upon his 20+ years of experience in the industry to focus on providing actionable guidance to complex tactical and strategic problems.

Friday, 13 September, 2019 08:00 AM|Friday, 13 September, 2019 08:45 AM

Striking a Balance Between Content Governance and New Ways of Working

The future of work is upon us and content is at its heart. Modern services focused on collaboration enter the business at an ever-increasing rate. The promise is to revolutionize the way we work. However, compliance requirements continue to evolve and threats to organizational security are more complex than ever. This session will focus supporting the goals of this new world and staying out of trouble.

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